The Official Trailer For ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’

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There is unlikely to be a bigger game release this year than Grand Theft Auto V. As we ebb closer to the day that the game is unleashed on the public, the marketing has begun to dominate the gaming press with any screenshot, trailer and leak being plastered across the internet like it was gold dust. A Grand Theft Auto release is always a monumental event in the industry and one that many gamers have had marked on their calenders after they completed Grand Theft Auto IV, five years ago.

GTA V has already had its fair share of trailers showing exactly what you will be getting up to in Los Santos, in single-player, the characters players will inhabit, as well as in the series new multiplayer mode Grand Theft Auto Online. This latest trailer further outlines the story and is cut together in a way to make it look like a film trailer.

Labeled ‘The Official Trailer’, Rockstar Games is using the video to showcase the more dramatic sequences in the game, focusing on the character relationships, explosions, the coming together of the group and, of course, Trevor in a small submarine.

Grand Theft Auto new outfits

GTA V’s story campaign embraces a new direction for the series, being the first time players can control three different protagonists in the central narrative. Players will shift duties between Michael, Trevor and Franklin as they navigate the criminal underworld from their unique perspectives.

Michael is a Tony Soprano-esque ex-bank robber who, due to whittling funds and his dysfunctional family, decides to get back into the the crime business. Franklin is a younger protagonist who has had minor stints in prison and now works as a repo-man for a car dealership, eventually getting associated with Michael through a hustle. Trevor is… well, Trevor is crazy. He is the psychotic, drug fueled ex-partner of Michael who now runs a drug ring out in the desert wastes.

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Grand Theft Auto V releases September 17, 2013 for PS3 and Xbox 360.