It’s what Grand Theft Auto V fans have been waiting for in the eight months since Rockstar’s roaring GTA V reveal trailer. It’s that precious breaking of the ice, the exciting end to an excruciating silence. It’s… well it’s two screenshots. A helicopter and a postcard primer.

But still: we’ll take baby steps any day of the week for a game that has been dormant on assets the better half of a year. Like looking out over a panoramic lake, the world and its aquatic reflection spread out before us, there’s a soothing quality evoked here rekindling our curiosity and anticipation for what the developer has in store.

Rockstar released the pair of screenshots today through their official website’s “Asked & Answered” series when asked about, well, what many have come to know the enigmatic company for: why the tight lid on Grand Theft Auto V? Their response was simply to reason that information inundation isn’t a necessary strategy, and everything released or not released on the game is done with the best intentions:

“We [maintain long asset gaps] because we want to make sure we only release 100% correct information, and because we want to keep plenty back for the actual game release so there are still lots of surprises when you play it. The only things we care about are that you enjoy the experience of actually playing the game and that we release accurate information. We just have not been in a position to show more of the game than the trailer and will not be for a while yet.”

Quality-over-quantity mien duly noted, we also know Rockstar – most developers, for that matter – aren’t keen to acting on impulse. Are the screenshots a prelude to something more? An August reveal of GTA V’s gameplay was rumored to be set for Gamescon until the event’s own organizers shot it down; could Rockstar be gearing up to disclose more information without necessarily having to “show more of the game”?

They did respond to a separate inquiry by stating, “we should have more information and some new assets for you soon,” so naturally it’s anyone’s guess. We do know that Grand Theft Auto V’s release date has dominated any and all discussion surrounding the game since last November’s outing, and even if Rockstar is holding off until a 2013 release (the most likely scenario), the dog days of the game industry’s summer have – and the two lake dwellers above would agree – warmed the water for tangible time frame.

Ranters, what details on Grand Theft Auto V would you like see Rockstar unveil next? Is a release date announcement due anytime? Perhaps it’s hidden in streets… somewhere below the hovering chopper of the Los Santos PD?

Grand Theft Auto V  is currently in development for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC. Comments from Take Two’s CEO have recently cast doubt on a Wii U release.

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Source: Rockstar Newswire