In the few years since Rockstar Games’ Grant Theft Auto 5 made its way to PC, players have taken a healthy interest in creating mods for the thrilling action-adventure title. The current catalogue of Grand Theft Auto 5 mods has something for every players’ particular desires, from the expertly crafted and quite sophisticated to the downright inane. However, the latest addition to the mod mix is sure to attract universal attention for its visual beauty.

A modder by the name of Razed has released a mod that makes Grand Theft Auto 5 footage look like video captured in real life. The ultra high-definition mod, officially titled NaturalVision Remastered, overhauls Razed’s previous NaturalVision project and alters the game’s environment, tone mapping, color palette (particularly ambient shades), lighting system, and weathers. As Razed explains, this is done to blur the line between reality and fantasy.

In order to make the game look as photo-realistic as possible, Razed explains that they viewed upwards of 40 hours of footage taken in Southern California for reference, along with hundreds of photos and Google Street View images of Los Angeles, Salton Sea, and their neighboring districts.

Inspired by Grand Theft Auto 4Watch Dogs, and Forza Horizon 3‘s stunning graphics, NaturalVision Remastered is powered without the use of ReShade, a fully generic post-processing add-in that places realistic depth of field effects, ambient occlusion, and automated exposure into a game. Razed estimates that they spent 1,200 hours over six months creating NaturalVision Remastered.

grand theft auto 5 realistic mod

The NaturalVision Remastered mod for Grand Theft Auto is currently free, but players looking to pick it up will need to download the VisualV mod as a prerequisite. They also must have a system that can handle running the game and mod at maximum graphic settings. Some have already spoken out on the GTA 5 mods website to state that even with a GeForce GTX 980 graphics card, they’re unable to run a mod-less game on default max graphics at 60 frames per second. NaturalVision Remastered has much more intense graphics than the base game, so not all PCs will be a good fit to run the mod.

grand theft auto 5 naturalvision remastered mod

Past Grand Theft Auto 5 mods have given players the chance to brush shoulders with popular animated characters Rick and Morty of Adult Swim’s Rick & Morty, fly through space and explore various parts of Earth, the Moon, and Mars, and even play as Iron Man. While those are certainly feats of impressive mod work and prove entertaining to those looking for additional gameplay hijinks, Razed’s aesthetically pleasurable NaturalVision Remastered mod seems to stand in another league entirely.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is out now on PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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