Grand Theft Auto 5 Iron Man Hulkbuster Mod Is Smashing

By | 1 year ago 

With its crazy citizens, plethora of guns, and bevy of explosions, the world of Grand Theft Auto was practically begging for a superhero. Thankfully, a modder heard this cry and introduced Tony Stark’s crime fighting alter ego, Iron Man, onto the streets of Los Santos. But skinny Iron Man is so last year.

Sure, Tony Stark’s regular crime fighting suit has lasers and rocket boosters and whatnot, but gamers want something bigger and better. And it doesn’t get much bigger than The Hulk.

What with his love of smashing and being the strongest there is, Hulk has been known to butt heads with his fellow Avengers, including Tony Stark, a number of times. To stand toe-to-toe with Hulk, Stark got creative and made a giant suit of armor tailor made to take down the Hulk, dubbing the armor the Hulkbuster. Now, through the power of modding, the Hulkbuster can be unleashed upon Grand Theft Auto V.

The new mod, created by JulioNIB, puts players in the size 32 boots of Stark’s Hulkbuster armor. Lovingly rendered, the modded armor features every gear, torque, and jet found in the movie version of Stark’s suit, albeit slightly smaller. This isn’t a stylistic choice, however, as the game is programed to only accommodate character models so big, forcing JulioNIB to scale back the size of the armor to work properly in the game.

GTAV Hulkbuster Throwing Civilian

But what the Hulkbuster lacks in size it makes up for in firepower. In addition to standard rocket boosters that allow the suit to zip along the ground quickly and take to the sky, the Hulkbuster also features ballistic missiles, which can be locked onto targets or fired wildly for maximum chaos. As a massive suit of armor, the Hulkbuster also possesses super strength, which allows players to pick up and hurl vehicles, or punch Los Santos’s finest into oblivion.

The Hulkbuster armor is now available for download, and PC gamers that feel like taking an absurdly large suit of armor out to rain destruction upon the world of Grand Theft Auto V can add the Hulkbuster to the game quiet easily. With no Hulk to bust, the armor may feel like overkill, but there’s definitely worse ways to pass the time then by soaring over Los Santos and blowing up everything with wanton disregard.

Grand Theft Auto 5 has plenty of modding meat left on its bones (in fact, we had some ideas for potential new mods for the game), so JulioNIB will likely be back with an even crazier hero to let loose on Los Santos. However, a recent patch led to the game encountering some modding issues, so hopefully this won’t set the modding scene for the game back a step, because the world is clamoring for a Hulk to accompany this Hulkbuster.