One seriously devoted Grand Theft Auto 5 fan creates a mod for the open world title that provides top-notch 4K visuals and retunes the entire world of Los Santos.

A new Grand Theft Auto 5 PC mod known as “The Pinnacle of V – World Enhancement Project” has been released, offering fans of Rockstar Games’ title incredibly detailed and life-like graphics, as well as subtle alterations to the gameplay. According to mod’s creator, Josh Romito, he has one simple goal with “The Pinnacle of V”, and that is to bring fans the best of what Grand Theft Auto 5 has to offer.

On top of the hyper-realistic visuals, it seems as if Romito set out to retool the entirety of GTA 5—one of the top 25 games of last generation, and possibly of the current gen—in order to make it the most true to life rendition of the title possible. Not only did he intensify the graphics, but he also fine-tuned the game’s sound quality, improved its relationship dynamics, enhanced weapon destruction, refined vehicle handling, and so much more. According to a description of “The Pinnacle of V” on its website, the mod is intent on completely changing players’ experiences for the better, as it reads:

“Not only is this a visual enhancement, but literally every aspect of the game has been tweaked, adjusted, and fine tuned to create the most realistic, stunning, and immersive Grand Theft Auto experience to date.”

While the actual gameplay changes will have to be experienced on an individual basis in order to be truly appreciated, we can all get together to marvel at the graphics through the stills that Romito has provided. As seen in the gallery below, it’s absolutely astounding as to how immaculately rendered the visuals look with “The Pinnacle of V” mod.

Although this obviously isn’t the first graphical overhaul that Grand Theft Auto 5 has had, it may very well be most comprehensive one yet. A few months ago, one fan put together a fabulous photorealism mod for the game that was indeed impressive, but nowhere near the meticulous level of “The Pinnacle of V”. Should fans wish to get a better idea of all the tweaks Romito made with his mod, they can check the next page for a complete rundown of its features.

While “The Pinnacle of V” mod is definitely wonderful, should Grand Theft Auto 5 fans be looking for something with a little less verisimilitude, there’s always fun changes that can be made to the base game such as the Incredible Hulk mod. Of course, gamers ought to always be careful in appropriating fan-made content for the game no matter how trustworthy the source, because it’s been reported in the past that some of the mods contain malware.

At any rate, with so many fans still tweaking and obsessing over every little detail of Grand Theft Auto 5 a little over two years after its release date, it’s obvious that Rockstar Games’ title will go down as one of the most popular games of all time. Plus, should the studio ever get around to putting out the open world title’s story DLC, fans are liable to take up a full residency in Los Santos for many more years to come.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: The Pinnacle of V (via GameSpot)

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