Will 'Grand Theft Auto 5' Be Set in Los Angeles?

Grand Theft Auto 5 Los Angeles Setting

With Grand Theft Auto V only having just been confirmed today, there hasn’t been much time for gamers to mull over what type of location they hope the game will be set in. While past iterations have always featured a fictionalized version of a real life locale, many were hoping that this newest iteration might either be set in an actual place or at least a stunningly realized facsimile of it — and it turns out they might be right.

According to Kotaku, Grand Theft Auto V might be set in Los Angeles, or at least a city that closely resembles Los Angeles. This seems like a reasonable progression for the HD leg of the series since Grand Theft Auto IV returned to the New York-inspired Liberty City on the 360 and PS3. Essentially this would be developer Rockstar’s chance to revisit San Andreas, but with serious muscle behind them.

Adding more credence to the rumor is the fact that Rockstar recently finished up helping Team Bondi out with L.A. Noire, which had its own version of Los Angeles painstakingly recreated. Our guess is that Grand Theft Auto V won’t be set in 1940s LA, but a period Grand Theft Auto isn’t out of the question.

On top of that, the source also states that players will get to embody multiple characters in this iteration, much like GTA IV and its DLC missions. So, when the trailer hits make sure to keep a lookout for multiple characters. Can you imagine if IV had let players take a spin as Roman Bellic for a while?

This all is, of course, still a rumor at this point, but with a promise of a reveal trailer in one week’s time, all of that speculation will be put to rest. Would it be awesome to see a next-gen (I’m talking Xbox 720, PS4, or Wii U launch title) version of Grand Theft Auto set in Los Angeles? Yes it would, but our minds our open to whatever Rockstar wants to through our way.

Where would you like to see Grand Theft Auto V set? Do you think that revisiting Los Angeles is exciting or boring?

Grand Theft Auto V currently has no release date but should hit some time in 2012.

Source: Kotaku

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