GR Pick: Awesome Logan Animation Created in Grand Theft Auto 5


Out of all the films released in 2017 so far, one of the more impressive efforts this year has been the final Hugh Jackman-led Wolverine flick, Logan, which opened to considerable critical and commercial acclaim back in March. One fan by the name of Samkat became so enamored with the film that they decided to pay homage to it using by some incredible creativity, and a little help from Grand Theft Auto 5.

Combining some desert footage captured using Grand Theft Auto 5's Director Mode, and some of their own 2D Logan fan art of the characters Logan, Laura, and Professor Charles Xavier, Samkat managed to create a loving animated homage to the film. Taking inspiration from the film's desert road trip sequences, Samkat's homage is a short clip that sees the trio on the run before Laura showcases her mutant powers by eliminating the enemy chasing them.

While the scene is an original sequence and not actually taken from Logan, there's no denying just how badass this homage is as it perfectly nails the film's gritty tone in only a few short seconds. It's hard not to be impressed by Samkat's work, whose combination of Grand Theft Auto 5 graphics and their own 2D animation has resulted in something that's as loving as it is awesome.

While this isn't the first Grand Theft Auto 5 fan creation to feature a Marvel superhero, it is perhaps one of the most impressive efforts in recent memory given how nothing quite like this has been done before using Grand Theft Auto 5 and 2D animation. Sadly for fans, this awesome homage will remain nothing more than an awesome homage as it doesn't exist as a playable mod in any form.

Having said that, though, some stunning fan mods still being created, such as the recently-released Rick and Morty mod, so perhaps there's a chance that Samkat's homage could inspire someone to create a Logan mod of some kind, albeit a very slim one.

With Logan lighting up the cinematic world as one of 2017's more notable success stories and as a touching farewell to Hugh Jackman's ever-popular Wolverine, it seems fitting that it was given a loving tribute with the help from one of gaming's most enduringly popular titles in recent memory.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is now available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Facebook - Samkat

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