Modders for Rockstar Games’ open world title Grand Theft Auto 5 prepare to add every single aspect of Liberty City into the franchise’s fifth installment with a mod.

Several months ago, rumors began circulating that Grand Theft Auto 5‘s multiplayer component, GTA Online was to add a Liberty City expansion after some high resolution images of the virtual metropolis surfaced on the Internet. Obviously, Rockstar Games has yet to actually incorporate the environment into its latest open world crime title in any capacity, so now a group of modders have announced their intentions to pick up the slack by modding Liberty City in its entirety into Grand Theft Auto 5.

As seen in the announcement trailer from the OpenIV team (via Kotaku), Grand Theft Auto 5 will eventually receive the Liberty City mod “soon,” as players are urged to “go back where it all started.” Unfortunately, though, the footage is only a tease for what’s to come, as the clip simply focuses on a camouflaged cargo plane flying from a San Andreas airfield toward the skyline of Liberty City, with the mod’s developers failing to offer an official release date.

For those unaware, Liberty City is one of the Grand Theft Auto series’ largest and densest maps, which will require a lot of effort on the parts of OpenIV’s team members in order to successfully port it into the fifth installment in the franchise. When asked why they are the ones undertaking the rather arduous task, the OpenIV team responded by saying, “Because, why not?” However, when one looks to Open IV’s Twitter account, the team seems a bit miffed at Rockstar for putting off single-player DLC in favor of expanding its online component, which could be the true factor behind the modder group’s decision to mod Liberty City into the game, with the team writing, “Rockstar had all the time and resources to make SP DLC or real map extension for GTA V. They choose shark cards.”

Once the Liberty City mod comes out for Grand Theft Auto 5, in order for it to work properly, fans will have to own a copy of GTA 4 and 5 due to the mod working by converting the city from the previous game’s file and copying it over the latest one. The converter tool will then go on to create a “single player DLC pack,” which will be installed into players’ copies of Grand Theft Auto 5.


In addition to the mod working in Grand Theft Auto 5, OpenIV has also confirmed that it will operate with Episodes from Liberty City. Of course, while the mod sports plenty of positive features, it’s important to point out some drawbacks as well. For instance, the modders have made sure to note that those who download it may be subject to being blocked from GTA Online, as the multiplayer feature often bans PC users for mods.

Should there be fans out there who wish to get an updated version of Liberty City, but don’t want to be on the receiving end of Rockstar’s Banhammer in Grand Theft Auto Online, it’s quite possible that patience for a newer and official version of the environment could come courtesy of the developers within the series’ next sequel. As it happens, GTA 6 is reportedly in development, with some speculating that Rockstar is eyeing a return to Liberty City.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.