Without a doubt, there are a plethora of fantastic mods that can enhance the experience of causing mayhem in the open world of Los Santos in Rockstar Games’ massively successful Grand Theft Auto 5. However, it’s safe to say that one of the best fan-made creations to come to the title so far is JulioNIB’s Iron Man mod, which now works a lot better thanks to several tweaks and updates to its original script.

As seen in the video below courtesy of the GTA X Scripting channel, Grand Theft Auto 5 fans can get a look at a would-be Tony Stark in action, with the main character donning the comic book protagonist’s Iron Man suit and wreaking absolute havoc in the streets. Not only is the standard gear for the superhero shown off, but also JulioNIB has made updates to the Hulkbuster mod, as well as the War Machine version of the suit.

Of course, the majority of the activities that Grand Theft Auto 5 fans could take part in with the Iron Man mod are still in effect – that is, flying at rapid speeds through the sky, tossing people and cars around with superhuman strength, blasting all comers with laser beams and machine gun bullets, and more – but now the updates JulioNIB has added to the original script makes it look and run much better. For instance, in version 2.0 of the mod, one will notice improved animations, fresh sound effects, and even a newly futuristic HUD system resembling the one Tony Stark uses in the Marvel movies.

All things considered, JulioNIB has absolutely knocked it out of the park with the refinements made to the original Iron Man mod, making it an essential download for those who wish to see what it would be like if the character invaded the world of Grand Theft Auto 5. In order to obtain the mod, however, one must subscribe to JulioNIB’s Patreon for $2, which is quite a good deal considering the amount of content being offered. Now, should the modder turn his sights toward improving the Incredible Hulk mod, then GTA 5 would definitely become even more marvelous.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GTA X Scripting – YouTube (via WWG)