Grand Theft Auto 5’s Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Out Now

By | 1 year ago 

Upon release, Grand Theft Auto 5 was hailed as Rockstar’s crowning achievement, mixing high stakes heists and a gripping storyline with the frantic, kill-whoever-you-want gameplay fans known and love. But after it hit shelves, gamers found themselves wanting more. Rockstar listened, and kept the game supplied with a steady stream of DLC, ranging from new weapons to new vehicles. But fans continued to clamor for the DLC Rockstar had promised before Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, the mythical online heists.

While Rockstar took it’s sweet time getting the oft-promised missions out, they eventually saw release, allowing eager fans to team up with friends online to rob and kill to their hearts content. With the online heists now under their belt, Rockstar set its sights on follow up DLC that would allow players to spend this dirty money on high-end cars and luxury jets. But the powers that be at Rockstar decided one DLC focusing on ill-gotten gains just wasn’t enough, and the developer has now released Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2.

While the first Ill-Gotten Gains focused primarily on new vehicles, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 expands its scope, packing new weapons, clothes, accessories, and vehicles into one bundle. If that’s not enough, the DLC pack will also bring in a brand new radio station, filled to bursting with original songs exclusive to Los Santos.

GTA Vapid Chino

On the new vehicle front, Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 brings with it three new cars (the off-road centric Coil Brawler, the sports car Progen T20, and the old school sedan Vapid Chino), a new motorcycle (the kinetic-recovery centric Dinka Vindicator), and a brand new speedboat (the Lampadati Toro). For fans looking to give their vehicles that personal touch, the pack includes three new horns that can be equipped at any Los Santos Custom.

The update also brings with it a new pistol and a melee weapon. The wood-paneled Marksman Pistol offers the accuracy of a pistol mixed with the pure strength of a shotgun, or players can opt to get up close and personal with the solid gold Knuckle Dusters. Additionally, while the Knuckle Dusters are available across all platforms, gamers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC will be able to access nine unique variations of the Knuckle Dusters.

For fans looking to spruce up their wardrobe, Ill-Gotten Gains 2 comes loaded with hundreds of new clothing items, including new shirts, jackets, pants, and watches, including the Apple Watch-spoofing iFruit Snap Watch.

Additionally, while GTA V is already chock full of music, Ill-Gotten Gains 2 adds a brand new radio station called The Lab to players radio dials. Hosted by Dr. No (A.K.A. rapper Oh No) and DJ duo The Chemical Brothers, the radio features brand new collaborations between The Alchemist and Oh No, with guest appearances from the likes of Killer Mike, Earl Sweatshirt, and Little Dragon.

For fans that find themselves with more heist money than they know what to do with, Ill-Gotten Gains brings a plethora of ways to blow that dough. Boot up Grand Theft Auto 5, grab a new car, slap on some Knuckle Dusters, and hit the streets.

Source: Rockstar