Rockstar Games has been absolutely relentless when it comes to supplying its fan base with new Grand Theft Auto 5 media — presumably to keep them continuously salivating over the much talked about and highly anticipated title. After providing gamers with three trailers that showed off the unique character traits of the game’s three main protagonists, Rockstar has released 12 brand new screenshots showing the now familiar characters pulling off a variety of heists.

Michael, Franklin, and Trevor can all be seen strutting their stuff and executing less-than-legal things, but it’s the landscape of San Andreas that really catches one’s eye. Be it the wonderful view from a Cuban 800 aircraft as it flies over the city’s beach or the harbour that Franklin is analyzing with binoculars, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks absolutely gorgeous, and it’s something that will hopefully transition well onto current generation home consoles.

There’s no shortage of vehicles and violence to be seen either, that much is evident just by the the photo of an ongoing drive-by alone, and it provides a good look at a handful of vehicles that will be available at the user’s disposal. The only real question that the screens leave gamers with is who looks cooler riding a motorcycle: Franklin or Trevor?

If in-game screenshots aren’t really something worth getting excited about in your humble opinion, then the appeal of some art depicting several members of GTA5‘s main cast may be right up your alley. Aside from those lovely murals, however, there are still a number of new screenshots that show off even more sections of the game that Rockstar has only just released, as well as a couple of trailers that show off the game in action.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is scheduled to hit Xbox 360 and PS3 on September 17th.

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Source: Rockstar Games