Grand Theft Auto 5 Parody: Galaxy Note 7 Explodes

GTA 5 Samsung Galaxy Explodes

A modification for Grand Theft Auto 5 allows gamers to replace sticky bombs with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, poking fun at the phone's explosive issues.

Grand Theft Auto 5 was never a game to shy away from controversy, and it seems like modders are keen to continue on with that mentality now that Rockstar Games is busy never delivering the single player content that was promised. This summer brought the revelation that the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a serious and dangerous problem, and that problem was significant enough that Grand Theft Auto 5 players have now incorporated the phone into the game – as a weapon.

Samsung had recalled the Galaxy Note 7 after consumers found it had a propensity to explode, which makes it less of a useful phone and more a dangerous game of LTE-connected hot potato. The company cited an issue with the phone's battery cell, where it seems a faulty part of the chip allowed the battery to overcharge and resulted in a process called 'thermal runaway' that can lead to the battery exploding.

The natural reaction to this phenomenon is, of course, to add the Galaxy Note 7 as a replacement to sticky bombs in Grand Theft Auto 5:


While Samsung may not find the modification very funny, the tongue-in-cheek weapon has received some happy reviews from the Grand Theft Auto community, and can be downloaded here.  No news yet on if someone will make indestructible body armor made out of old Nokia phones.

On the more official side of things, Rockstar Games is currently cooking up some biker themed GTA: Online content, which will allow virtual club members to rise from prospect to president as they ride the streets of Los Santos. The official downloadable content came thanks to a request from actual bikers who felt like there should be more motorcycle options in the game, and should appease everyone who wanted a little more denim to go along with their exploding phones.

Rockstar Games should be able to focus more on delivering content now that the Lindsay Lohan lawsuit was dismissed by a panel of five judges earlier last month. The lawsuit had been pending since it was filed in 2014, and while it seemed unlikely that Lohan would win the case, gaming studios have borne witness to the fact that pending litigation takes ages to clear out in court.

Back in regards to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, though, one never knows: the fan-made modification might be exactly what is needed to blow up that Los Santos dam one and for all.

Source: GTA 5 Mods

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