Take A Look At ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ in First-Person

By | 3 years ago 

Last year’s sales of Grand Theft Auto V couldn’t have been any bigger, but even so, there is a subset of fans who are unsatisfied when it comes to Rockstar‘s best selling title (and we’re not talking about the GTA Online issues). While PC gamers await a chance to visit Los Santos after hints of a Windows version appeared months ago, exactly just how creative the modding community could get with the game remains to be seen.

PC fans can keep on petitioning, but that doesn’t mean console modders can’t do some creating of their own. Few would argue that Grand Theft Auto V needed to allow a first-person perspective, but curious fans looking to see San Andreas through the eyes of Michael, Trevor and Franklin can wonder no more. First-person views were available when characters remained idle, but that was only until clever modders got their hands on the game’s innards.

The mod retrofits the camera into first person creating a canvas for some wonderful vistas, especially when viewing the hard work of Rockstar’s developers from an airplane cockpit. The footage was captured on the ‘GTA5Videos’ YouTube channel, even if the average GTAV gamer would hope to see a bit more over-the-top carnage. It’s hard to tell if a first-person view in the world of GTA would break down once the insanity hits its peak, but it’s safe to assume players would welcome it.

GTAV Deep Sea Diving

This latest mod comes as a string of console tweaks have started to hit the internet for Rockstar’s bestseller, with one of the most recent (and most memorable) giving a glimpse at what Los Santos would look like after a catastrophic flood sunk the city.

Accessing the mod for yourself is not as advisable as it would be if the game was available on PC, as a modded console is required. And considering how valuable your Xbox 360 or PS3 is (and how much Microsoft is offering for you to trade it in) it’s better to look, but not touch. Now we need only wait until PC fans can get their hands on the game, and create a thriving mod community to extend the game’s lifespan even farther than its online component hoped.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for the PS3 and Xbox 360.