Grand Theft Auto V may have been available for about eighteen months, but the hype preceding its release on PC seems to suggest that its definitive version is yet to hit. Not content with the extra features and visual polish put into the game’s current-gen re-release, Rockstar seem to have added yet more reasons to return to Los Santos with this hotly anticipated port — and Director Mode might be the jewel in its crown.

You’ve no doubt seen fan-made projects like the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer remade within GTA V. Rockstar has too, and as such it’s including tools to make it easier than ever for creative players to use Los Santos as the backdrop for its cinematic endeavours — much like Michael does over the course of the game’s story.

The PC release of the game has long been anticipated both for its unparalleled graphical fidelity and the opportunity for mods, which have dramatically extended the lifespan of its predecessor GTA IV. Now, Rockstar’s keen eye for the tastes of GTA fans has prompted the creation of Director Mode.

GTAV Online - Heist Rundown with Lester

Director Mode allows any character or animal featured in GTA V to be controlled by the player as an ‘actor’ in their digital movies. This casts the door open wide for the most creative and complex ideas to be realized within the game. Previously, players had been limited to using its trio of protagonist, their GTA Online character, or the animals introduced as peyote-prompted visions.

Rockstar will no doubt hope that this added content encourages the game’s film-making community to continue to grow and prosper. There’s certainly no end of potential for Machinima made within GTA V, and it’s particularly appropriate considering the series’ flair for referencing and paying homage to cinema.

Last month, it was announced that GTA will make its first step closer to the silver screen later this year, when production begins on a BBC film for television detailing the creation of the game and its reputation for controversy. However, with Daniel Radcliffe rumoured to be taking a lead role, it seems unlikely that the project will be created in the Director Mode of GTA V.

That said, for creative GTA players without the budget for a film starring Harry Potter, the enhanced version of the editing tools contained in GTA V will perhaps make the PC version a must-buy. Expect to see plenty of interesting projects spring forth from Director Mode in the months to come.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Its PC release is set for April 14, 2015.

Source: PC Gamer