Grand Theft Auto 5 Development Well Underway Rumor

If there is one game that gamers had hoped would make an appearance at E3 2011, it’s Grand Theft Auto V. Three years after the release of its predecessor, Rockstar Games has yet to officially acknowledge the existence of a new Grand Theft Auto game. Despite this, it has still played host to numerous rumors and thanks to an industry insider, gamers now have more to speculate about.

According to sources claiming to be close to Rockstar Games, the development of Grand Theft Auto V is “well underway.” What this means exactly is unclear, but the sources state that the game is already receiving “finishing touches” like minigames. While this is entirely possible, it seems odd that the game would be so far into production without receiving any sort of official announcement.

The mysterious sources also went on to state that it would be “pretty likely” for the game to release in 2012 and that the game would be on a very large scale. With a rumored release sometime in 2012, it would make sense if official news regarding the title began to make its way into the public, but so far, Rockstar Games has remained tight-lipped.

Following rumors that the game is on its way after two casting calls were discovered online alongside some revealing websites, it would not come as a surprise to anyone should Rockstar decide to officially reveal the game. For not having an official announcement tied to it, Grand Theft Auto V is still receiving a large amount of talk, being a rumored Wii U launch title as well as being one of our predictions for imminent game sequel announcements.

In terms of the statement the sources made regarding the game’s scale, while it may be vague, fans of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are no doubt keeping their fingers crossed for the new game to be similar in size. While some criticized it for being too big and having too many empty expanses, the game’s scale helped to contribute to the overall feel of the game’s world. The separate cities actually felt like they were far apart from one another, requiring quite a bit of travel time between them. This is what could help to set Grand Theft Auto V apart from other open world games.

Even so, these statements from the mysterious source close to Rockstar are sure to stir some debate among gamers who are eagerly awaiting a new Grand Theft Auto game. Whether the details are accurate or completely fabricated, it would not be surprising for Rockstar to officially unveil Grand Theft Auto V in the coming months.

Do you think that development on Grand Theft Auto V is actually as far in as the sources state? Would the inclusion of an open world similar to San Andreas interest you more than a single city like Liberty City?

Source: Gamespot