‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Cover Art Keeps Tradition Alive

By | 4 years ago 

Fans of Rockstar Games have already determined whether or not they’ll be buying Grand Theft Auto 5 this September, but now we know exactly what artwork will grace the game’s cover. Despite growing evidence that GTA 5 may be this console generation’s last hurrah, the developers have decided to go with some nostalgia this time around.

Sporting a look at all three main protagonists (more or less), guns, dogs, and vehicular insanity, the new cover art is exactly the kind of marketing the world expects from a franchise as memorable as Grand Theft Auto.

At this point it seems like Rockstar is going to have a difficult time showing off everything the game actually includes. Promises of a game world that’s “larger than life” are fairly common these days, but what’s been shown in the various GTA 5 screenshots backs up the claims in more ways than one. With submarines, scuba diving, sharks and more to look forward to, the content of the game’s cover is actually fairly tame.

Have a look for yourselves:

Grand Theft Auto 5 Cover Art

Given everything that’s been shown in the GTA 5 story trailer and discussed by the developers at length, it’s no surprise to see heavy weapons, police helicopters and any number of getaway vehicles marketed front and center. How it will stack up against the previous games remains to be seen, but what is clear is how well Rockstar is clearly staving off complacency, trying more than a few risky endeavors with the long-awaited sequel.

Multiple lead characters from varying walks of life, a replica of California enveloping everything from urban sprawl to national parks, and growing expectations for the studio to do something new are all making the task at hand a more difficult one to achieve. But while some skeptics are creating odd theories explaining the game’s delay, the developers maintain that their secrecy is only intended to make the final unveil more surprising.

Hopefully the curtains are pulled back sometime soon, since GTA 5 is one of the few current-gen games that the world is still waiting for with bated breath. Only time will tell how successful it could be, but for now, Rockstar doesn’t seem to be nervous.

Grand Theft Auto 5 releases September 17, 2013, for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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