One Grand Theft Auto 5 fan puts together a mod that allows players to take on the main narrative of Rockstar Games’ open world with their friends in co-op story mode.

Thanks to modder Guadmaz’s Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer Co-op 0.6 PC mod, fans can now take on the single-player campaign and complete missions with multiple players at their side. Since the new and unofficial Grand Theft Auto 5 cooperative story mod doesn’t tinker with the features of the game’s Online component, players who run the script shouldn’t have to worry about being banned from the multiplayer mode, as many of the title’s PC mod users have been banned in the past.

Due to Guadmaz having just uploaded the co-op story mod several days ago, there are still development issues and technical limitations that will more than likely occur. For instance, synchronization is not ideal, and there could be some glitches that crop up during gameplay. Not to mention, lag and drops in frame-rate could also affect Grand Theft Auto 5’s performance should the mod be installed.

As is the case with any mod, players should be careful when incorporating updates to a game’s base materials that aren’t explicitly offered from the title’s licensed developers. In the case of Grand Theft Auto 5, several fans have reported that some of the release’s mods contain malware, so it’s important to use discretion. At any rate, check out the video from the YouTuber known as RoboticGamer below, which takes folks through the basics of Guadmaz’s Multiplayer Co-op 0.6 PC mod, and should assist fans in determining whether or not it’s worth the download.

Although Guadmaz’s Grand Theft Auto 5 mod may not be the most useful update offered thus far, it does at least give fans something fresh to do with the main campaign. After all, Rockstar still hasn’t even delivered any concrete notifications on the status of the game’s story DLC yet, which has led many to believe it’s never coming.

Nevertheless, since Grand Theft Auto 5‘s release, the open world game has inspired a bevy of fans to alter and adjust the title by using mods, with most of them changing GTA 5 entirely, giving gamers new things to do. For instance, Josh Romito’s “The Pinnacle of V” mod enhanced the game with 4K visuals, while also tweaking elements of the gameplay in order to make it more lifelike. Then, of course, there have been fans who eschewed realism altogether with their creations, such as the Hulk mod made by JulioNIB, which turned GTA 5 into a loose rendition of Radical Entertainment‘s The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.

With so many free mods available for Grand Theft Auto 5, it’s no wonder why the game’s popularity continues to increase. Plus, even without the fan-made materials, the base content already offers plenty of replay value, especially since Rockstar’s addition of Freemode Events to the Online segment. Taking all of this into consideration, players will likely continue to explore the world of Los Santos well into the foreseeable future.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is currently available for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Guadmaz – GTA 5 Mods (via RoboticGamer – YouTube, VG 24/7)