Secret ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Mode Gives Players The Bird

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The early reviews for Grand Theft Auto V‘s update on the Xbox One and PS4 are in, boasting that the game’s new visuals and much-coveted First-Person Mode make the game – despite it being a year old – a smart purchase for any next-gen gamer. But as impressive as the graphical update may be, it just wouldn’t be Rockstar without the addition of some odd, twisted, or downright ridiculous secret content – and they haven’t disappointed.

The original version of the game boasted a truly impressive number of easter eggs and all-but-invisible jokes, and while the most recent release has only been in the wild for hours, users are already uncovering more. Those who wish to experience the eccentricities for themselves can stop reading, but those eager to see the addition of another (admittedly less demanding) mode, read on.

Once entering the game’s open world, players will discover the presence of several peyote (‘Peyoto) plants scattered throughout the fringes and countryside of Los Santos – 27 in total. When Franklin consumes the hallucinogenic drug – as seen in the video below – a fever dream transformation takes place; and players get to reap the benefits:

While it’s exciting to hear Franklin come to the realization that his life will be somewhat different now that he has become a chicken, players can choose to either end the hallucination, or die (both with the same result). However, for those hoping to feel the rush of wind that even chickens fail to experience, yet another hallucination – is also included in the collectable plants:

A 1-in-27 shot at flying over the streets and city (while dropping ‘aerial attacks’ on windshields and joggers alike) as a winged resident of the game’s world may seem like a long shot, but according to those who have found the mode thus far, it appears that 27 different animals are playable thanks to the randomly assigned collectable plants. They may not all be this memorable, but new content is new content, even if it may be less satisfying to simply empty bird bowels onto cars than it is to drive them… oh, who are we kidding. It’s way more satisfying.

There’s a good chance that this is just the first of many new secrets that the developers have added to their next-gen remaster. Alien conspiracies took center stage in the original release, so perhaps hallucinogenic adventures are the team’s solution for this version? Only time will tell – so get exploring!

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for the PS4 and Xbox One.

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Source: Kotaku