Grand Theft Auto 5 Bikers DLC Gets Release Date, New Screenshots


Rockstar Games officially announces the release date for its forthcoming Bikers update in Grand Theft Auto 5, and puts out brand new screenshots for the DLC.

As many Grand Theft Auto 5 fans can attest, ever since the open world crime title's release over three years ago, Rockstar Games has been keeping the game flush with free post-launch content such as its racing expansion known as Cunning Stunts and the action-driven DLC dubbed Further Adventures in Finance and Felony. While such add-ons have been positively received by the game's enormous fan base, the developer recently decided to give players even more in the way off additional assets, by revealing its intentions to put out the much-requested motorcycle-themed Bikers update.

Now, Rockstar Games has thankfully unveiled exactly when fans can expect to take part in the world of underground Motorcycle Clubs in Grand Theft Auto 5's Los Santos and Blaine County, revealing that Bikers is set to become available in GTA Online on October 4, 2016 as an automatic update. So, not long from now, players will soon be able to experience all new competitive and co-operative gameplay in the multiplayer aspect of the title, in addition to new modes, vehicles, weapons, clothing, and much more.

In order to give Grand Theft Auto 5 fans a better idea of what to expect from the Bikers update, Rockstar Games has also released a handful of new screenshots for the add-on. All of the fresh stills can be found below, as they depict several different scenarios of motorcycle madmen and women in leather Club jackets and vests while posing, popping wheelies, and hitting the open road.


As Rockstar Games has described Grand Theft Auto 5's Bikers, players will be able to melee while riding their motorcycles, which is set to bring "a new level of protection and attacks from bikes." Plus, fans will get to experience a virtual version of what it's like to move up through the ranks of an underground Motorcycle Club, by becoming a Prospect that has to earn a President's respect to get promoted to the next level.

Of course, as many hardcore Grand Theft Auto fans will most certainly recall, this isn't the first instance of Rockstar Games including motorcycle gangs as post-launch content for one of the franchise's titles. As it happens, the studio put out the episodic expansion known as The Lost and Damned for GTA 4, which was well-received by fans and critics alike. With that in mind, it's certainly possible for Rockstar to absolutely knock it out of the park with GTA 5's Bikers update.

Once Grand Theft Auto 5's Bikers goes on to be released next week, it's a wonder if Rockstar will continue to develop more free updates beyond it. After all, the studio's parent company Take-Two Interactive has declared that the online aspect of the franchise will be rested sometime, as developers will not only need to reserve energy, but also move on to projects beyond GTA 5. Taking this into consideration, although Rockstar has generated ample wealth with Grand Theft Auto Online — it had generated half a billion dollars at about six months ago — the company will eventually have to leave GTA 5 behind for even greener pastures. That said, one can only hope for Rockstar Games to finally make good on its promise to reveal a new game "soon."

Grand Theft Auto 5's Bikers update is set to release on October 4, 2016 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Rockstar Games

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