With the wild popularity of games like Epic Games’ Fortnite and Bluehole Studio’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds sweeping the planet, many other companies are attempting to capitalize on the current battle royale trend in its own products, as even older titles like Dying Light have put out its own twist on the genre. Of course, this interest in battle royale modes doesn’t extend exclusively to AAA developers. As it so happens, even the modding community is jumping in on the craze, with one example being a recently crafted mod for Grand Theft Auto 5 that adds single player battle royale.

As seen in the video below, the modder known as Theaetik has put together a trailer for their Grand Theft Auto 5 mod dubbed “Complex Control”, which combines roguelite and battle royale elements to create what appears to be a unique experience all its own. For instance, the mod contains 50 different abilities with cool downs, with two notable ones being Blink Teleporting and Slow Motion mechanics. What’s more is that players can choose from one of 70 characters that will be required to survive veritable warzones that are populated with dropping and driving AI enemies.

In addition to simply trying to survive a match within Theaetik’s Complex Control mod for Grand Theft Auto 5, players will need to build-up kill streaks that will level up permanent-progress meters along the way. What’s more is that the mod has its own save system outside of GTA 5‘s base game, so fans who install the mod will be able to keep up with the battle royale-styled creation independently of the original title.

While Grand Theft Auto 5 has already successfully claimed the title of the most profitable commercial entertainment product of all time, one can’t help but wonder how much more money it would make if Rockstar decided to implement an official mode similar to that of Theaetik’s Complex Control mod. Again, the battle royale genre’s popularity has soared since last year, and it shows no signs of dipping yet, so striking while the iron is hot would be imperative for Rockstar in this respect.

With this being the case, Rockstar could still decide to give Grand Theft Auto 5 the battle royale treatment with a freshly designed mode at some point in the near future. After all, the studio has provided an almost constant stream of updates to the multiplayer portion of the title, GTA Online, ever since its launch to keep fans engaged with the game. Then again, the developer might choose to save such a feature for one of its forthcoming projects like the highly antcipated Red Dead Redemption 2.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: GTA 5 Mods