GR Picks: 'Grand Theft Auto 4' Carmageddon Videos

Grand Theft Auto 4 Carmageddon Videos

Science, we owe you one. If the videos below are proof of anything, it's that the laws of science are saving us all from complete destruction everyday of our lives. They're also denying us some serious lols. YouTube user dot12321 decided to fool around with the friction in Grand Theft Auto IV and had some hilarious results. The fruits of that labor were saved in convenient video form, all the better to share with the world at large.

These videos look very similar to the way a three year old plays with dinky cars. Humans are no longer living creatures, they're obstacles in the way of cars flying from one side of the room to the other. The only way to escape the excited child throwing exploding dinky cars everywhere is to run! Run for your life! Well, maybe they're not that similar, but they are both awesome.

Here are the videos for your viewing pleasure. The second video is missing the music of the first, but it maintains the hilarity. I put some "Devil's Haircut" on in the background and it fit surprisingly well. I suggest you do the same.



Ranters, how many of you now have a strong urge to play Grand Theft Auto IV again? I know I do.

These videos once again show the power of the modding community at work. Whether they're making existing games better or providing videos for our entertainment, modders know how to increase the longevity of just about any game.

For even more GTA IV entertainment, be sure to check out some some fan-made movies using the GTA IV engine. Now, to continue the long wait for Grand Theft Auto V.

A question for the Ranters: what's your favorite memory of using a mod for purely entertainment purposes? Personally, the Counter-Strike level mod that brought gravity to zero provided me and my roommates a ton of laughs. The running theme here is that everything in slow-mo is better.

Source: dot12321's YouTube Channel

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