'Grand Theft Auto 3' 10th Anniversary Trailer Thanks Fans

Grand Theft Auto 3 10th Anniversary Trailer

It's hard to believe it was ten years ago that Grand Theft Auto 3 redefined open-world gaming. This month, Rockstar is celebrating the 10th anniversary of GTA 3 with an awesome limited edition collectable figure and the announcement about the mobile version of one of the most influential and controversial games ever made.

There are many modern titles that are just as controversial if not more so than GTA 3 (see: God of War 3) though this game is one that sticks in the minds of the mainstream public - mainly due to the fact that players can request the services of a "lady of the evening" and then use their vehicles to reclaim their cash.

The hooker encounters weren't even a main selling point of the game,  they were just a by-product of the immense level of freedom the player was given - a level of freedom that has been replicated in games like Saints Row, Assassin's Creed and even Batman: Arkham City.

Gamers worldwide are sure to have many memories of when they first got their hands on GTA 3, memories they will relive via the following trailer from Rockstar. The trailer takes gamers back to the old – and lower rez – streets of Liberty City, and thanks everyone for their support over the past decade. Check it out below.


Takes you back, doesn't it? Soon gamers will be able to return to Liberty City and take control of Claude on their Android and iOS devices. New gamers will be able to experience the title that inspired so many of the open-world games that came after it. All that is needed now is for Rockstar to release Grand Theft Auto 5 to inspire a new generation of open-world games.

Grand Theft Auto may have lost the title of "biggest mainstream franchise" to Call of Duty, but this franchise is still dear to many gamers. There's no word yet on when the mobile versions of Grand Theft Auto 3 will be released, but you can be sure that we'll let you know as soon as they're announced.


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