Grand Gran Turismo Announcement by E3?

Kiddies, your favorite, most anticipated, most realistic and best rendered car-fetish racing game Gran Turismo 5 is so close to release it's maddening. It is expected that an announcement will be made at E3 giving a concrete release date for the driving simulation to parallel park onto our PS3s.

In the German language game magazine Games Trust, Sony Germany product manager Stefan Dettmering said the following:

"We know that the fans are waiting for it and we want to release it too. I think that it's more painful for us than for the fans that we couldn't hold the last date. The next time we announce a release date we'll be one-hundred per cent sure that we can hold it and won't make the mistake we did with the March date. You just have to wait a little longer until we announce a new date, only some days... or weeks."

The game was already delayed once for its release in Japan, so this could all be speculative, but it seems that E3 would be the perfect opportunity to give America what it wants, way-too-realistic driving action.

Already, this is one of the most anticipated games of all time. Sony has spent a buttload of money on the juggernaut, and much of that has gone to marketing: GT5 has three trailers out already, plus a demo.

Do you trust Sony? Will you get GT5 no matter what? Do you know how to read German?

Source: Games Trust

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