‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Ragdoll Mod Asks ‘Why So Serious?’

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The last two weeks have been a wild ride for PC gamers and mod enthusiasts. Valve has been attempting to find a way to monetize the fan-made game variations and so far the early trials have led to complications and a vicious backlash from the gaming community. After all of that doom and gloom, we think it’s time to sit back and take a look at a mod that reminds gamers why waiting for the PC version is sometimes worth it.

Although some mods harness the power of PCs to create stunning new assets in a game (like AT-ATs and Stormtroopers, for example), other mods are just looking to get a good laugh out of the player. Grand Theft Auto 5 definitely has lots of laughs built-in, but the game is also a serious drama. Many of the cutscenes carry a lot of emotional weight and one mod user found a fantastic way to defuse that tension.

YouTuber Tyrannicon installed the Ragdoll mod and fired up Grand Theft Auto 5’s campaign. Interested parties can see the ridiculous results below, but prepare for spoilers and the kind of harsh language that might be expected from GTA. The clips take place from multiple scenes from the game’s campaign, so there will definitely be some spoilers for players who haven’t completed the single-player mode yet.

The Ragdoll mod gives the user the power to turn the playable character into a ragdoll at any point with just the press of a button. It’s hard to explain why this is so funny, but the joke lands incredibly well for some reason. The slapstick, physical humor might not be for everybody, but it’s hard not to chuckle when watching Franklin, Michael, and Trevor keel over in the middle of a monologue.

Grand Theft Auto 5 hasn’t been out on PC for very long, but the modding community hasn’t been wasting any time customizing the award-winning title. We’ve seen characters replaced with animals, out of the ordinary Los Santos weather, and lots of other ridiculousness. Suffice to say, the modders are just getting started.

Despite Rockstar’s promise that it would only punish gamers who brought unfair mods into GTA Online, some community members claim that they are being punished for using just aesthetic mods. It seems like the developer is just being careful that players aren’t cheating, so hopefully the issue is resolved quickly.

What do you think of the Ragdoll mod? Have you tried any of the GTA5 mods yet? Let us know in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V is available now for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.

Source: YouTube