Polyphony Digital releases its E3 2016 gameplay trailer for Gran Turismo Sport, showing new cars and environments, a new Photo Scapes mode and, more.

Gran Turismo fans got a little nervous back in May when developer Polyphony Digital cancelled the anticipated beta for Gran Turismo Sport to ensure the full game could hit store shelves in 2016. Gran Turismo as a series is well known for having extended development time and some fans thought the beta cancellation could be the harbinger of more bad news to come.

But if the new trailer that Polyphony released today is any indication, things may be coming together nicely after all. Pegged as the E3 2016 gameplay trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive title, the video is more than 4 minutes long and has quite a bit to unpack.

The video starts in typical fashion for a racing game trailer, showing clips of cars racing and the different environments where the action will unfold. Franchise boss Kazunori Yamauchi previously confirmed Polyphony is targeting 1080p and 60 frames per second for the title and the visuals in the trailer support those claims so far. The trailer then dives into some of the game’s other features, including its social component. Players will be able to show off their vehicles to their friends through an in-game network where they can comment on each other’s photos, add more friends, and so on.

Gran Turismo Sport‘s customization appears to be just as deep as some of the past games in the series. You can add decals, numbers and other designs quickly. The video also shows off a new Photo Scapes mode which looks like it will let players do a lot more than just take screenshots in-game. Cars can be physically placed in different environments and multiple settings including filters and exposure can be tweaked.

It seems like just about every competitive game coming out these days has an eSports component and the tail end of the trailer shows that Polyphony is serious about pursuing this opportunity. The trailer gives players a look at GT Sport Live, which is the game’s spectator and streaming feature.

Gran Turismo Sport likely can’t get here fast enough for Sony fans who were burnt by the underwhelming Driveclub in 2014. There were some who thought the Evolution Studios-developed game could provide some competition for Gran Turismo on Sony’s console, but that idea died when Driveclub launched with multiple issues.

Gran Turismo Sport launches November 15, 2016 on PlayStation 4.