Gran Turismo Sport Announced, PlayStation VR Support Confirmed

Gran Turismo Sport PS4 PlayStation VR Support

Polyphony Digital announces Gran Turismo Sport, a brand new Gran Turismo game that will feature FIA-sponsored competitions and PlayStation VR support.

2015 has been a fairly good year for fans of racing games. Driveclub PlayStation Plus edition was finally released following months of delays, Project Cars made its case for realism, (again, following months of delays), Need for Speed hasn't been released just yet, but judging by previews of the racing game, that too holds a lot of promise. However, PS4 players are still eager to see what Kazunori Yamauchi and the team at Polyphony Digital can do with their console's power, and thankfully, today they got a glimpse.

During Sony's press conference at Paris Games Week, racing games were introduced to Gran Turismo Sport, which is the official title for Gran Turismo 7. As expected, Polyphony Digital will be putting the PS4 through its paces as they bring their specific brand of perfectionism to current-gen. With new power available to the developer, fans can expect better graphics, better physics, and better sounds as Polyphony Digital tries to "deliver the most realistic driving simulator to date".


That's not all that Gran Turismo Sport will introduce, though, as some of the game's selling points also include the new partnership with the FIA (the International Automobile Federation). With the FIA, Polyphony will add two new competitions to Gran Turismo Sport: the Nations Cup, where players can represent their home country, and the Manufacturers Cup, where they'll be representing their favorite auto maker. And, rather than just providing players with a challenge or a title, Gran Turismo Sport players will be competing for real prizes that will be presented to them at the annual FIA ceremony, along with all of the awards given to drivers of real-world vehicles.

Moreover, Tekken 7 and Until Dawn: Rush of Blood aren't the only PS4 games that were confirmed to have PlayStation VR support today, as Gran Turismo Sport will also allow players to use the upcoming Sony headset. Unfortunately, a VR gameplay demo wasn't on-hand during the press conference, but given that Sony PlayStation president Shuhei Yoshida previously said that the headset has worked "fine" with racing games during trial tests, fans can assume that things are going well.

And, as for when fans can get their hands on Gran Turismo Sport for themselves, a beta will take place sometime in spring 2016. It's unclear whether that beta will be open or closed and how Gran Turismo fans can get in it, but Game Rant will update once more information is available.

What features would you like Gran Turismo Sport to include? Do you plan on entering the game's FIA competitions? Leave a comment and let us know.

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