The Gran Turismo franchise is one of Sony’s best sellers – despite the lengthy development time lavished on Gran Turismo 5. Series producer Kazunori Yamauch spoke about the franchise’s next iteration, Gran Turismo 6, at the China Joy game festival earlier this week, and described what he’d like to see in a Gran Turismo Vita game.

During a Q&A session, Yamauchi was asked about Gran Turismo 6, which has already been confirmed to be in development. Yamauchi revealed that work on the sequel began after wrapping up development of GT5, implying that the game has already been in development for two years now. Developer Polyphony Digital is also making sure to incorporate the “latest technology” – which we hope doesn’t equate to yet another lengthy development time.

Even with Gran Turismo 6 in the works, Polyphony has still continued to support GT5 – most notably through continued DLC releases. Yamauchi has expressed interest in bringing car modding to GT5, giving players an abundance of customization options. While in Beijing, the GT producer is visiting the Shanghai Circuit to see if the track can be incorporated into the series. However, it was not specified whether the track could make an appearance in future GT5 DLC, or GT6.

When asked about the Vita, Yamauchi expressed his interest in the platform – specifically referring to the system’s connectivity abilities. Unfortunately, he did not confirm development of a Gran Turismo Vita title, though he did name some features he would like to incorporate should the game ever be made.

“If we were to make it, we’d like to make use of the ability to play anywhere and the ability to use 3G at any time.”

During the Vita’s launch period, many players were upset by the lack of games that supported online multiplayer. That situation has somewhat improved over the past few months, but the system is still missing some high profile racing titles. Sony’s been adamant about bringing their console IPs to the Vita, so why not Gran Turismo?

Ranters, do you have any interest in a Gran Turismo game for Vita? What about Gran Turismo 6 — should it be a PS3 game, or should it wait for Sony’s next console?

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Source: Andriasang