‘Gran Turismo 6’ Trophy Teases Race on the Moon?

By | 3 years ago 

Although Gran Turismo 6 will not be launching on Sony’s new PS4 console, there is still a general sense of enthusiasm for Polyphony Digital’s latest. Yes, it would have been nice to see what stunning, next-gen car models Polyphony could whip up, but some razor sharp simulation racing will have to suffice.

However, while Gran Turismo 6 might continue the series’ trend of brutally realistic races, that doesn’t mean Polyphony Digital hasn’t added a few fun surprises. In fact, a brief look at the game’s trophies suggests there might be some extraterrestrial races in Gran Turismo 6.

While most of GT 6‘s trophies are fairly standard — attain this Class license, beat this track time, win a race by 0.01 seconds — there is one hidden among the bunch that has caught our eye. Titled “One Giant Leap,” the trophy requires players make a jump of three seconds or more in low-gravity conditions.

Gran Turismo 6 Low Gravity Trophy

Now, we obviously won’t know what that truly means until the game launches on December 6th, but that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate. Our first thought after reading the trophy description, as with many news outlets, is that Gran Turismo 6 will feature a track on the moon, or some other low-gravity environment. It’s not unheard for a game to feature a cool environment as an added bonus, especially if the devs at Polyphony wanted to infuse a little silliness into their game.

Another likely possibility is that the game offers an extensive amount of track condition options, including gravity. Perhaps players can not only affect common course conditions like weather and time of day, but also the gravity. Might make racing at 200m/ph speeds a little difficult, but also more fun.

Both scenarios seem likely, but, as was mentioned, we won’t know for sure unless Sony makes a formal announcement or, at the very least, when the game hits store shelves. Nevertheless, the possibility of simulation racing in a low-gravity setting sounds intriguing. Gran Turismo has been a shining example of racing at its most pure, that it will be nice to see the franchise crack smile, if only for a moment.

What do you make of this Gran Turismo 6 trophy? Do you think there will be a track set on the moon?

Gran Turismo 6 releases December 6, 2013 for the PS3.

Source: Exophase