It looks like the highly anticipated next entry in Sony‘s long running driving franchise, Gran Turismo 6, is finally ready to hit store shelves later this year. This is according to an Italian retailer that has posted new box art and outlined November 28th as the game’s release.

While Sony has yet to confirm this release date, or anything about Gran Turismo 6 for that matter, a November date does align with what we’ve been hearing. Specifically, we had already learned that Gran Turismo 6 would not be a next-gen release, but would instead be a PS3 title.

So, since most expect the PS4 to hit sometime around November — the real launch window is Holiday 2013 — it would make sense that developer Polyphony Digital would want to get their game out before year’s end.

The Italian retailer in question,, posted the box art seen below on their site (the image has since been taken down), but they don’t cite a source for the release date. Obviously, gamers should treat the release date with a grain of salt.

Gran Turimso 6 Rumored Box Art

That being said, several rumors have suggested a Gran Turismo 6 reveal is imminent. According to CVG, Sony is “weeks away” from revealing the next entry in the simulation racing franchise. Could we be looking at an E3 2013 reveal?

While it does make sense that Sony would reveal Gran Turismo 6 at a marquee event like E3, such an announcement might seem out of place amidst talk of next-gen games and consoles. After seeing how fantastic games like inFAMOUS: Second Son, Watch_Dogs, and Killzone: Shadow Fall look on Sony’s new system, it’s hard to imagine anyone but die hard GT fans getting too excited.

Maybe Sony has a trick up their sleeve, though, and all the talk of Gran Turismo 6 as current gen was smoke and mirrors. We do know that Sony still has more next-gen games to reveal, so perhaps GT6 is one of them. It’s definitely wishful thinking, but can you imagine what a franchise like that would look like on next-gen hardware?

Do you think Gran Turismo 6 will hit store shelves before or after the PS4? Will the game’s current-gen status hurt sales?

Source: (via CVG)