Gran Turismo 6 for PS4

Sony had spent a fair amount of time assuring fans and investors that Gran Turismo 6 would be a PS3 title long before it was officially revealed yesterday. However, the president of Polyphony Digital has admitted that they’ve got plans to bring the fan-favorite racing simulator to the next generation too.

Gran Turismo faithfuls will likely have enjoyed yesterday’s trailer but the usual top choice for racing game enthusiasts may face tough competition on the PS4 – with Drive Club maintaining a high polygon count and simply gorgeous visuals.

Polyphony’s shining star has been a staple for Sony consoles, so it would make sense for a graphically-enhanced edition to be ported over to the highly capable PlayStation 4. For the time being, the developers are content to wait and see how the reception to the PS3 edition is first before making such a large (and expensive) decision.

Kazunori Yamauch, the President of Polyphony Digital, took time out of his schedule to address the media about such questions earlier today, revealing both plans for next-generation delivery and a schedule for downloadable content:

We have a PS4 version in mind for the future, but for this holiday season we thought that it would be best for users to release the PS3 version. I thought the best scenario would be for the game to come out, and we’re planning to have new content, and DLC every few months. Once the players have thoroughly played out the game, if the PlayStation 4 version just came out naturally in the process, we think that would be the best scenario for the game

The studio has focused nearly exclusively on the Gran Turismo line of games since the massive success of the original title in 1997, and consumers have come to expect the popular title each iteration of the PlayStation console. With the development cycle for the next Gran Turismo likely not even started yet, porting it quickly to the PS4 would be a logical decision for Sony. We’ll keep you posted as more news becomes available.

What do you think, Ranters? Would you want to the latest Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 4, or should it stick to the current generation?

Gran Turismo 6 is estimated to have a late 2013 release date for PS3, with the possible PS4 port to follow later.

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Source: Gamespot