Gran Turismo 5 Sold 6.37 Million Copies in 2010

GT5 Strong Sales 2010 Update 1.06

The good times just keep on rolling (please don't groan) for Gran Turismo 5, its developer Polyphony Digital, and parent company Sony. We're happy to report, to no surprise, that game's sales were very strong in 2010 with Polyphony Digital's reveal that Gran Turismo 5 has sold 6.37 million copies worldwide in its first six weeks.

Already the title is gaining some serious ground on its predecessor Gran Turismo 4 which had sold 11.19 million units up to the end of 2010. Unfortunately, there's still a lot of ground to be covered before the title catches up to series bestseller, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec, which holds the franchise's record at 14.89 million units sold worldwide. The Gran Turismo franchise as a whole has sold a staggering 63.15 million copies worldwide between all its different titles combined.

There's no shortage of content either for Gran Turismo 5 as regular patches are ensuring that the game is going to be supported well into its lifespan. Just this past week GT5 update 1.06 went live and brought with it a whole bunch of new features and fixes. This is no doubt good news if you've somehow become bored with the game's more than 1,000 cars.

Included below are the charts for the North American sales numbers and Worldwide sales numbers respectively. It's important to note that the release dates are included so you can also keep in mind the timeframes for each game's sales. For example, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec and Gran Turismo 4 were both released for the PlayStation 2 but A-Spec had 4 years of extra time to achieve its numbers. This particular comparison may also be notable because A-Spec was generally better recieved that Gran Turismo 4 and has sold more copies overall.

North America

Worldwide Sales

Gran Turismo 5 has been simulating racing for fans of the series since its release on November 24, 2010. Our GT5 review will fill you in on what we thought of this monstrously large game if you still haven't made up your mind to buy it yet. Remember, buying it will definitely be cheaper than actually buying that Gallardo you've always wanted.

What do you think of GT5's sales so far? Do you think it's likely to outsell its predecessors?

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