'Gran Turismo 5' Is Poised To Be "Gaming's Avatar"


Breathtaking. That is the only word that comes to my mind every time I look at the screenshots and videos for Gran Turismo 5. The pinnacle of racing simulators, Gran Turismo 5 has always been on the leading edge of racing game development, graphics, and gameplay. With anticipation building for the newest installment in this epic series, Polyphony Digital will have us pushed into our seat-backs as we experience what is set to be the next evolution in 3D gaming technology.

UK Blitz’s Andrew Oliver was quoted in the latest issue of  Esquire as saying:

"I've seen Gran Turismo 5 running in 3D and it's stunning, it is a major step forward. It's gaming's Avatar."

Looking at screenshots and trailers there is no question Gran Turismo 5 is going to be a force to be reckoned with, and if the 3D is as good as they say this game could be the push that Sony needs to bring the PlayStation 3 into the number one spot for the next generation console wars. Their latest trailer Ferrari 458 Italia shows us the absolutely stunning and lifelike graphics that we can expect to see when playing this game in 2D or 3D:


Delays aside, there is no doubt there will be some barriers to entry to enjoy this next generation 3D experience. The cost of the game, the console, the 3D TV, and of course 3D glasses are just some of the considerations to make before drooling a little too much for this amazing looking game. However, if you already have everything but the game there is no question this is the must-have title for 2010.

Even though it is been plagued with delays this is one of those games that is just worth waiting for. If it is as gorgeous and polished as it appears to be, the wait will be worth it.

Will Gran Turismo 5 be gaming’s Avatar? Is it on your must-have Christmas list? We want to hear what you think Ranters! Drop us a comment below telling us which car you plan to race first.

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