'Gran Turismo 5' Multiplayer Mechanical Damage Patch Now Live

Gran Turismo 5 Damage

If there's one thing that the Gran Turismo series is renowned for, apart from being late to race meetings, is its realistic driving experience. High fidelity is the flagship of all of the Gran Turismo games, and rightly so. This begs a question of Gran Turismo 5, why no damage option? Well today petrol-heads, your dreams have come true, sort of.

The 'Mechanical Damage' option now available in the game via the 'My Lounge', though it is only available for the online mode. Unfortunately, racing sim fans hoping for the option to be included in single player are out of luck... for now.

To access the new feature, racers will have to host the race that they are participating in, and the new option can be found through the 'Event Settings' which is where the new damage option hides away. There are three 'Mechanical Damage' options to choose from and they are described in game, as follows:

  • "None" means that no damage will be inflicted.
  • "Light" means that damage will be inflicted, but will be automatically repaired after a short amount of time has passed.
  • "Heavy" means that damage will be more severe, and will only be repaired if you perform a pit stop.

Damage to vehicles will be displayed on the HUD, starting with small red dots to indicate minor damage, and moving on to pulsating red circles should racers think they are playing Demolition Derby and incur serious damage.

After taking this for a spin, Game Rant can confirm that the "Heavy" option in particular adds to the dynamic of an online race, and aggressive types will have to think twice before shunting their rivals out of the way as a necessary pit stop could cost a race win. After hitting a rival or a barrier, racers will find their vehicle listing to one side, as well as suffering from understeering and loss of control. Head on collisions will cause suspension and engine problems, such as loss of power and trouble getting out of second gear. Drivers will suffer the same symptoms in the "Light" option, but they will repair themselves in a matter of seconds.

The 'Mechanical Damage' is not to be confused with the visible damage to vehicles in Gran Turismo 5. The web has been alive with speculation that the visible damage is increased to those that reach a certain level. However, it is now believed that visible damage applies only to certain types of vehicle, with Rally cars being the vehicle where you will see the most visible damage, such as hoods and boots flying up during a race.

The addition of  the 'Mechanical Damage' option is greatly welcomed by Game Rant, so lets hope the guys over at Polyphony Digital extend this to the single player. It certainly makes one think and drive in a more sensible, civilized manner which bodes well for fans of a competitive, yet gentlemanly race.

What do you Ranters think of the update to Gran Turismo 5? Have you noticed something we haven't picked up on? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Kotaku

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