'Gran Turismo 5' Can Install to the Hard Drive While You Play

Gran Turismo 5 Has Simultaneous Hard Drive Install

After making gamers wait an agonizing couple of years before finally settling on a set-in-stone release date, Sony isn't going to make players wait any longer.

Along with the customary optional hard drive install, Gran Turismo 5 will introduce a new feature that allows players to install while they play.

As gamers begin to unlock new tracks, new cars, etc., Gran Turismo will begin to install those elements onto their hard drive in smaller more manageable chunks. With the game already being touted as one of the beefiest hard drive installs (6.4 GB) for the PS3, it is no surprise that Sony has finally found a way to eliminate the added waiting.

Becoming one of the more unpopular elements of the PS3 experience -- one that eliminates many of the problems associated with running off disc -- mandatory hard drive installs are hopefully becoming a thing of the past. Instantly causing a time barrier between when a disc is inserted and when it can be played decreases enthusiasm, not only for the game, but the console as well. If this simultaneous install becomes the standard for PS3 games in the future, it could certainly alleviate some of the technical flack levied at the system.

Gran Turismo 5 Track List

Without choosing the simultaneous install, Gran Turismo has been rumored to take anywhere from 40-50 minutes to install. Though the initial figures claimed the game weighed in at 6.4 GBs, as the hefty selection of content begins to unpack, don’t be surprised if that number ends up closer to 10 GB upon completion.

No matter how gamers might feel about the delays, it’s comforting to know that Sony is actively working to help eliminate any technical speed bumps that might have brought "gaming's Avatar" down.

Knowing that you have a 40-minute install staring you in the face before diving into GT5, will you opt for the simultaneous install? What are your thoughts on hefty PS3 installs in light of their added gameplay benefits?

Gran Turismo 5 is absolutely, positively releasing November 24th for the PS3.

Source: Eurogamer

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