'Gran Turismo 5' Has Officially Gone Gold

Gran Turismo 5 Goes Gold

Yes, five long years after initially being announced for the PlayStation 3, Gran Turismo 5 has finally gone gold and according to series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, "Discs are being stamped as we speak." The creator of the ultimate driving simulation was recently at the 2010 SEMA Show and was asked by Jalopnik regarding the game's release date when he gave the aforementioned answer. Gran Turismo 5 has seen it's share of fluctuating release dates and was recently stricken with another delay. The previous release date was yesterday, but at least it looks like the title will make Holiday 2010.

Polyphony Digital has been teasing the plenty of details for Gran Turismo 5 recently, including a Course Maker, My Lounge, and an incredible, yet very expensive Signature Edition. With the time Polyphony has had to develop the game and for it to finally reach a finalized point, the height of quality will be hard to match by any other driving game to come out after it.

No doubt, Gran Turismo 5 is highly anticipated by all fans of the series and will be warmly received this year. Seeing as how the title will be coming out this year, Polyphony is probably already hard at work at the sixth Gran Turismo game. Here's hoping GT6 won't be the victim of the same kinds of delays and extra-fine tuning it's predecessor has gone through.

I've played a few of the Gran Turismo titles and have never been disappointed. Gameplay, sound, and graphics have all blown me away and judging from all the footage I've seen for this next-gen offering, I will expect nothing less.

Gran Turismo 5 will allow you to try and beat the Stig's times this Holiday 2010 exclusively for PlayStation 3.

Source: Jalopnik via Kotaku

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