For most, when asked to think of a racing game on the PS3, the majority of people would immediately respond with simulation racing heavy-hitter Gran Turismo 5. Not only has the game received great reviews (check out ours), but it’s had quite a successful year, boasting extremely high sales. Not only that, but developer Polyphony Digital are ensuring that the game stays fresh with new updates as well as the game having its own clothing line. It’s been a big couple years for racing games and it seems as if there is even more in store for gamers on the horizon.

While looking around the official Gran Turismo 5 “My Home” website, it seems that someone going by the username Yonis has dug up images on the Remote Racing page that may pertain to future downloadable content. The aforementioned images display 24 different logos for race tracks that aren’t part of the current version of the game. The tracks listed are as follows:

  • Driving Park (20r60r)
  • Apricot Hill
  • Citta di Aria
  • Costa di Amalfi
  • Grand Canyon
  • Hong Kong
  • Ice Arena
  • Infineon Raceway
  • Driving Park (Kashiwa)
  • Las Vegas
  • Midfield Raceway
  • Twin Ring Motegi
  • New York
  • George V Paris
  • Opera Paris (Tarmac)
  • Seattle Circuit
  • Seoul Circuit
  • Swiss Alps South
  • Tahiti Maze
  • Valencia Circuit
  • El Capitan
  • Cathedral Rocks (Dirt)
  • Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Mini)
  • Cathedral Rocks (Dirt Short)

Currently, there is no way to know what the truth behind these names is. So far, Sony and Polyphony Digital have yet to announce DLC for the game. Whether these names will be used in future DLC or they are simply tracks that didn’t make the cut when the game launched, there is no way to know at the moment. Only time will tell as to the fate of these mysterious tracks. One can only hope Polyphony Digital will some day shed some light on them.

Gran Turismo 5 is out now on the PS3 for anyone looking to jump into the driver’s seat of one of the most comprehensive simulation racers out there.

Have you played Gran Turismo 5 yet? What would you like to see added in terms of future downloadable content?

Source: CVG