It seems like Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold were just released when Nintendo started teasing a brand new game in the series… wait they were just released when they started teasing us with a new Pokemon game.  We know very little about Pokemon Black and White aside from a few gameplay pictures, a couple new Pokemon, and a small gameplay video. So, we here at Game Rant have created a wish list of things we would love to see happen in Pokemon Black and White.

Here are 5 changes in Pokemon Black and White that Game Rant hopes happen:

1. Different Starter Types

Every Pokemon game has had the same generic Grass, Fire, and Water triangle since the series first started back in the 90’s. Sure, it’s worked well so far, but we don’t want to see any more turtle or flightless bird Pokemon. Instead the series should bring in the long rumored starter combo of Dark, Psychic, and Fighting. This simple type change can really change up the traditional formula of the series, plus we could get some pretty bad ass looking guys who are NOT the color red, blue, or green.

These little guys were the rumored starter Pokemon for Diamond and Pearl

These little guys were the rumored starter Pokemon for Diamond and Pearl.

2.  Character Customization

Okay, we all know that you hated the Pokemon trainer in Diamond and Pearl; his lack of a baseball cap and girlish scarf made him the absolute lamest trainer we have ever been forced to play as. Heck, even the character in Ruby and Sapphire looked like an idiot with his sweat band and Colgate white hair. Character customization would be the best thing to happen to the series, because then if your Pokemon trainer looks more like a Pokemon beauty contestant then it’s your own fault. Also, with character customization you can join a Union Room without having to look like one of the generic characters that you battle.

Pokemon Black and White Character

Odds are you will be stuck as this guy, but we can always hope.

3. Your Rival Has To Piss You Off

Rivals in the recent games have pissed you off because they are so damn annoying. Sure, rivals are always annoying, but the latest ones tried to be your best friend; that’s not what Pokemon is about! Pokemon is about putting together a team of top-notch Pokemon and pummeling the crap out each other, not complimenting each other on battle technique or strength. You think Gary Oak would tell you that you’re a loving trainer with a lot of potential after a loss? NO, he would say he stayed up late last night partying hard and didn’t care enough to win this morning, and then he would take off with his trademark “Smell you later” catchphrase. Those are the rivals we want to see, not some blonde haired kid with a scarf and ADHD.

Gary didn't wear a scarf

Gary didn't wear a scarf!

4. Bring Back Team Rocket

Team Rocket was easily the best group of baddies within the world of Pokemon. Their mission was clear: 1. Capture rare and strong Pokemon; 2. Use these rare and strong Pokemon to take over the world. As the series went on new thugs were introduced with an agenda that really made no sense; Team Aqua and Team Magma were the worst. Team Aqua wanted to flood the entire world and Team Magma wanted to abolish water; these people are idiots. It got better with Team Galaxy, but even then they were pretty lame. Team Rocket was and still is the only team to ever mutilate a Pokemon for profit. This is why they need to return, and they need to do it soon.

They were cooler than Team Aqua or Team Magma.

They were cooler than Team Aqua, Team Magma, and Team Galaxy combined.

5. Battle Animation

Pokemon is a great game and the battling is addictive, but after awhile watching your Pokemon stand there in a petrified state gets a little old. Pokemon Stadium had battle animations and the Pokemon reacted when they were hit, this request is not impossible given that the graphic potential of the DS surpasses that of the Nintendo 64. It would be nice to see how the Pokemon got from point A to point B during the course of their attack, instead of mildly shaking and then giving off some random sound.

One day Pokemon will look like this, but not any day soon.

One day Pokemon will look like this, but not any day soon.

These are just five things that Game Rant would like to see happen in Pokemon Black and White. Odds are we will only see a few, but if we are lucky we will see some of these ideas becoming implemented as the series progresses.

Pokemon Black and White are due out on the Nintendo DS by the end of this year.

What do you think of our list? What would you add to the Pokemon series?