GR Picks: Weekly Roundup August 29, 2010

GR Pick: Weekly Roundup

Hello once more, friends, and welcome to another barnstorming edition of GR Picks - our (mostly) weekly roundup of game-related Internet nonsensery.

Let's kick things off with a little fan-service and nostalgia.  There is no fan in this world more devoted to his/her pastime than a JRPG'er. That's a stone-cold fact, I did some research. For some reason, mere 'fans' of Japanese Role Playing games simply do not exist. Gamers either hate JRPG's with all their hearts, or they are hardcore, to-the-death JRPG fanatics. JRPG fundamentalists, if you will.

Now, if you were to ask any JRPG fan what classic title they most want to see remade with the power of today's gaming hardware, every single one of them would reply, "Final Fantasy VII... and Chrono Trigger". Well, forget Chrono Trigger, I have  a Final Fantasy VII video to show you.

Square Enix has been holding out on the fans regarding this remake, presumably because they are all too busy making new Final Fantasy's. If this were any other game, that would be the end of it.  But this is Final Fantasy we're talking about, so someone just decided to make it themselves... in glorious 8bit NES-O-Vision.

My Japanese is a little rusty, so it's hard to discern exactly what it taking place in Final Fantasy 7 - 8bit Remake outside of the battles but, gosh darn it, Cloud is cute as a button, and Barret just makes me laugh.


Next up we have the most-definitely NSFW Xbox Girls Get Revenge video from College Humor. I think all Xbox Live inhabitants have endured the insolence of grotesque sexual harassment during an unfortunate matchup in Gears of War or Halo 3.

In this video we see a complete role-reversal as a noob-pwning troll is reduced to tears and sandwich-making by a gang of girl gamers, who hit him with some of the most amazingly inventive obscenities I have ever heard in my life. Remeber, NSFW!


Impressive, no?  Yes I know the girls weren't using the analog sticks when they were supposed to be playing Halo 3 multiplayer. Yes I know some were using PS3 controllers.  That's not the point.

And that's going to do it for this week, folks.  By all means, comment below and, as always, feel free to send any videos our way you think would compliment our GR Picks arsenal.

Sources: NeoSeeker, CVG

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