GR Picks: Weekly Roundup

GR Pick: Weekly Roundup

Happy Monday to you all! At Game Rant we don't merely flex our creative muscles providing you with the best video gaming news, reviews and passionate opinion, no sir and/or madam. We also bend the Internet to our will and put our news-gathering machines to work combing the Internet in search of intriguing game-related videos and other game-related web oddities. This is a weekly feature, so settle in to your favorite lazy chair, sit your steaming cup of coffee gently on the side table, and let me regale you with Internet nonsense for the next twenty minutes or so. This should help your Monday go down a little easier.

First off, we have Doomsday Zone Part 1. It's an 8 minute CGI of Sonic the Hedgehog, embarking on quite an epic space adventure, but don't let that put you off. What starts off slowly and quietly, suddenly picks up speed as Sonic gains new abilities and encounters some old foes in an asteroid belt above earth. Whether or not you are a Sonic fan, the level of creativity and expert craftsmanship of this video makes for quite an entertaining spectacle.

The Sonic franchise is one that has been diluted and almost completely destroyed by a seemingly unending series of degrading sequels. Yet it is videos like this that enforce my theory that development houses need to spend more time hiring from the passionate and talented fan-base, than using existing teams of tired staff that would rather be working on other things.


Next up we have the short trailer for Street Fighter High: The Musical.

Unfortunately, no one can be told what Street Fighter High: The Musical is. You have to see it for yourself. Come for Zangief's robotics, stay for the terrible Blanka costume and the shimmies of Dhalsim.


The next video speaks to me in a very personal way. Crackdown 2 - Orbs = Bullsh*t is an insightful personal journey, documenting one man's quest to capture a specifically elusive orb. Having been in this position many times myself over the last two weeks, my heart goes out to this man and his valiant, yet ultimately fruitless, endeavor.

Personally, my favorite moments are when he argues with the Voice of the Agency, and when he comes within a hair's breadth of the orb, only to fall to the ground and get beaten up by freaks.  This is utterly NSFW!


Let us switch gears now and make room on our plate for some Mario videos. The first, Super Mario Bros. Leftovers, features some characters that the author of Super Mario Bros Crossover tried to implement in the mod but for one reason or another didn't make the cut. The fact that Dirk the Daring dies almost immediately, the Tetradon simply falls to the ground, and Excitebike wrecks himself on the first pipe makes this a must-watch.


The second Mario video of the week, Super Mario Bros. On Sidewalk,  comes courtesy of Andreas Heikaus, a compositor from Germany, who superimposed a Super Mario Bros. speed-run over the top of real-time video footage of a roadside curb, to very impressive effect.


And lastly, here is a behind-the-scenes look at how one goes about making a life-size Elite from Halo, if that person has the equivalent of the Weta Workshop in his house, that is.  Kre8ting the elite costume is impressive stuff.


Well, I hope you enjoyed watching these videos and reading my words as much as I did gathering them and writing about them.  If you find yourself idly sitting around the house next Sunday, by all means come on over and I'll treat you to some more GR Picks.  Also If you have any videos or other game-related web-oddities you think we can include in our GR Pick, contact us and I'll be sure to include them in the coming weeks.

I have defied gods and demons.  I am your shield, I am your sword.  I know you; your past, your future.  This is the way the article ends.

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