GR Pick [Video]: Halo 3 Fan Flips Out Over Friend's Ineptitude

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We've all been there. You go online to play your favorite first-person shooter with your close friends and repeatedly lose round after round to the opposing team. The reason for your losing streak? Well, one of your dear, dear, friends is just terrible. From fragging his own team to screwing up your time-tested strategies, this individual finds a way to embarrass your group over and over. You love the guy or gal to death in the real world, but playing online with this person drives you insane.

Or perhaps YOU are that friend? In which case, you now avoid playing online at all costs because you fear the verbal beat down you'll receive from your compadres when you inevitably screw up.

"Maybe this time will be different?" you think to yourself. Believe me, it won't. No amount of practice or coaching will ever correct your awful play. But it's all in good fun, right?

That brings us to Game Rant's Video of the Week. One particular Halo 3 enthusiast could no longer take his friend's FPS-ineptitude any longer, so he decided to publicly air his grievances to the world via YouTube. Enjoy the angry and hysterical rant below, but be warned...if you are easily offended by vulgar speech, do not watch. It's definitely NSFW.


While this video is definitely good for some laughs, it does present some interesting questions. Should your first priority when playing online games with friends be only about winning or just having fun? I'm sure there are a lot of people who empathize with the author of this video. But you got to feel just a little bit bad for the witless friend. Everybody wants to win, but tearing into a friend over a video game may not be worth it to some.

So what do you think? Should this guy have gone easier on his buddy or was he justified in exposing his friend's noob-like play style to the gaming public at large?

Source: YouTube

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