GR Pick: 'The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox'

GR Pick The Fantastic Mr Star Fox Is Fantastic

When you woke up today, you were no doubt thinking that it would be absolutely hilarious and awesome if someone out there made a video that combined the universe of Nintendo's Star Fox with that of Wes Anderson's adaptation of The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Alright, we know that you weren't, but it's still hilarious and awesome.

Much like the movie it borrows its name and style from, The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox is a quirky trailer from the minds at College Humor, taking an interesting look at the life of Fox McCloud as he comes to terms with his father's death, and his career as an arwing pilot defending the Lylat system.

The amazing tailer is created with the same stop-motion animation that made The Fantastic Mr. Fox such a fantastic (pardon the pun) movie.

We could give you a host of reasons why this needs to be made into a full-length feature film, but all we have to do to convert you to our side is show you the trailer itself.

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Starfox, or just classic Nintendo gaming in general, we guarantee you'll enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with The Fantastic Mr. Star Fox:


Incredibly, the video manages to reference everything from Peppy's famous "do a barrel roll," to the flashing red lights that marked the weaknesses on enemies in the Star Fox games. And who couldn't help but shed a tear when Star Wolf consoled Fox McCloud when he blames himself for his father's death.

Just for the sake of comparison, and so that anyone who hasn't can become familiar with the source material, here's the Fantastic Mr. Fox trailer the that the Fantastic Mr. Star Fox seems to be parodying:


Star Fox has been one of Nintendo's most beloved franchises, with memorable characters that even managed to spawn an internet meme. Despite all our fond memories of Star Fox 64, a new Star Fox game hasn't been seen since Star Fox: Command was released for the DS back in 2006. A home console version hasn't been released since 2005's Star Fox: Assault.

Perhaps the most telling fact is that Star Fox as a franchise hasn't seen a game developed solely by Nintendo since Star Fox 64 was released in 1997, almost 14 years ago. With no announcement yet made that a Wii title is in the works - somewhat of a shock, since the on-rails style of the game would lend itself well to Wii - some might wonder if we'll ever see a proper modern installment for the franchise.

While we keep our fingers crossed for a true sequel, Star Fox's next foray in the gaming space will be a 3DS port of the classic Star Fox 64. While no release date has been officially announced for the upcoming port, Nintendo has said it will be sometime in 2011. Footage of the game in action became available earlier this year but didn't really shed any light on what improvements, if any, the game will see in its port.

What do you think of College Humor's take on Fox's life as an arwing pilot? And does anyone know how to get a hold of Wes Anderson?

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