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Killzone Extraction Short Film

If you own a PS3, the odds are high that you own a copy of one of the Killzone games. Not only has the series become one of the most well-known in the PS3's line-up, but the most recent game in the series, Killzone 3, has been met with praise from critics and gamers alike including Game Rant's own Anthony Taormina. Not only does it include a strong campaign, but the game also boasts a strong multiplayer component that the developers aim to actively update.

Last month, a group of filmmakers going by the name of pwnisher released a short live-action film based on the Killzone universe to the internet. Since then, the film has been updated and has been re-uploaded to their channel, receiving its final finishing touches.

Having garnered a large following for creating visually striking short films based on famous video game series like Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R., the newest short by pwnisher, Killzone Extraction is no different. The video includes some mature language and violence, so it may not be appropriate for younger viewers. Check it out below:


The game's developer, Guerrilla Games recently released their own short live-action film as well, depicting the deteriorating relationship between two friends who are separated as one stays on Vektan while the other is exiled to Helghan. The aim of the film was to provide gamers with additional back-story into the Killzone universe. While the film may not have been the most interesting or visually stimulating, it still managed to show gamers another side of the war between the Interplanetary Strategic Alliance (ISA) and the Helghast.

While Killzone Extraction may focus less on expanding the universe's back-story like Guerrila Games' Killzone Universe did, there's no doubt that the folks who comprise the pwnisher team are incredibly talented young filmmakers who definitely know their way around digital effects. It may not have a plot that will tear at your heartstrings, but the action presented in the short is undeniably satisfying, especially considering the low $2,500 budget that the film was shot for.

Looking at the young film-making talent that has been cropping up on the internet in recent years, it brings forth the question of what the future holds for film adaptations of popular video games. While the past has been plagued with many terrible adaptations, these talented filmmakers seem to have a firm grasp on creating a powerful visual representation of video game worlds. With equally talented writers involved, the possibility of an entertaining, true-to-form film adaptation is definitely there.

How did you feel about Killzone Extraction and how does it compare to Guerrilla's? Can this talent may someday be translated into the realm of feature length films?


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