GR Pick: Game Rant Writers Bring The Fever To The Funkhouse

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When Microsoft officially unveiled Kinect at this year's E3, they did so by showing us many things:  we saw a kid fake-stroking a tiger. We saw a girl enjoying a fake-casual video conversation with her sister. We even saw a guy waving his way through his media content and shouting orders at his Xbox 360. What we didn't see much of, though, was the act of playing a real game using Kinect.

Indeed, after all the Space Ponchos dimmed to lifelessness, many of us were left wondering how it would feel to finally control an on-screen avatar using just our body-movements. Freed from the shackles of controllers and peripherals, how exactly would the Kinect experience feel?

Well, wonder no more.

A splinter group of  Game Rant's San Diego Comic Con team put the upcoming Kinect title Dance Central through its paces. The answer to your question is possibly somewhere in this video.

Or maybe not.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Game Rant's own Ryan Blanchard, Riley Little, and John Jacques dancing to Lady Gaga:


The results are somewhat unsettling, like a dancing nightmare, but whether you like it or not, this video represents the vibe that will be present in every Kinect-owner's living room - coming soon this holiday season. So consider yourselves duly warned.

Ranters, I'm sorry you had to see this, but we bear the pain for your gain.

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