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Half-Life Short Film

Following the recent trend of indie filmmakers tackling short, live-action adaptations of popular video games,  this week saw the release of the short film Killzone Extraction. While the film, based on the Killzone universe, may have lacked in terms of plot, there's no denying that visually, it was more than a pleasure to watch, especially considering the low budget it was shot for.

Now, a trailer for a new video game adaptation has been released, this time by a group calling themselves mikeNgary. Contrasting the serious tone of Killzone Extraction, Half-Life: Portal To Black Mesa, based on the worlds of Half-Life and Portal, will take on a more comedic tone.

If there is one company that's able to generate extreme amounts of love and anger almost simultaneously, it's Valve. With incredibly strong releases like the upcoming Portal 2 with its hotly anticipated co-op campaign and the constantly updated Team Fortress 2, gamers have a lot to love about them.

On the other side of the coin though, with the last release in the venerable Half-Life series taking place four years ago, gamers have been anxious for any news regarding the next installment in the series. Reveling in gamers' anticipation, Valve remains tight-lipped regarding the touchy Half-Life 3 subject, only providing vague statements that fans will be seeing hero Gordon Freeman again soon.

For now, we have this:


The first thing you may notice is the complete shift from the traditional, serious image of Gordon Freeman to that of a clumsy scientist. While series purists may be quick to call foul, this could make for quite an interesting change in dynamics between characters. Not only that, but judging by the footage present in the trailer, the infamous G-Man may be playing a larger role than usual which should be of interest to fans of the series.

All things aside though, the trailer is rather short and doesn't give much away to the audience. There's no way to know how the comedic elements of the short will play out or if it will be solely slapstick as shown in the trailer. Regardless, it's clear that a lot of hard work has gone into making sure that the film retains a look that will be familiar to fans of the series. It will be interesting to see how the filmmakers decide to deal with the look of the combine soldiers with their elaborate armor.

It may not have the polish that some short adaptations released in recent years have presented, but this will be a project that fans of Valve should keep their eyes on when the complete short is released later in spring of this year.

How did you feel about Half-Life: Portal To Black Mesa? Will you be checking out this parody when it releases later this year?


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Source: mikeNgary

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