GR Pick: You Got Donkey Kong on This Thing?

GR Pick: Gorilla playing DS in Zoo

I'll admit it, I'm easily amused. So when Steve Gaynor (lead designer of upcoming Bioshock 2 DLC Minerva's Den) posted a link to images of a Gorilla playing a DS on his Twitter earlier today, I felt like I had struck gold. After my grins and general feelings of happiness subsided, it suddenly dawned on me: this would be a great GR Pick.

Originating on Spicuzza Photo A Day, the photographs (viewable below) show a gorilla attempting to play with a Nintendo DSi XL. Whilst it's a pretty hilarious picture to see (especially in the image where he appears to be listening to the turned-off DS), the aspect that struck me first and foremost was how clearly the gorilla seems to understand the way the DS should work.

Sure, you can see him experimenting with the system: holding it up to his ear and so on, but the pure majesty is undeniable. While we know that we didn't evolve from apes (rather, we both share a common ancestor), the similarities visible in these photos are breathtaking. It almost looks like my Grandad attempting to figure out how to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney -- in fact, the only difference I can tell is that my Grandad is bald, whereas the gorilla is not.

Check out the photos below:

Gorilla Playing DS
Baby Gorilla wants to play while dad listens
Baby Gorilla trying to watch as dad Gorilla plays DS

According to the blog writer 'Chris', the DS was dropped into the gorilla pen by an absent-minded child at San Francisco Zoo. After the gorilla failed to make it work, he eventually traded the DS for a shiny red apple, meaning that "the little boy got his game system back, a little beat up and slobbered on, but it still worked."

For more images and a short video, check out Scipuzza Photo A Day.

What did you think of the images? Do you have any other animal-related video game stories? Let us know in the comments below.

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