If you have yet to hear anything about Gotham City Impostors you would not be alone. Set loosely within the Batman univers — but not the Rocksteady or Nolan-verses — this multiplayer shooter tries a little something different with the Dark Knight, and it’s worth taking a look at.

A new trailer for Gotham City Impostors has been released that showcases some of the gadgets, gizmos, and costumes that your faux Batman or Joker will use to represent their unique persona in this multiplayer first person shooter. While the title shares no through line with this year’s Batman: Arkham City it does give gamers a chance to create their own version of crime fighter.

Despite flying under many gamer’s radars, Gotham City Impostors actually looks like fun. With an art style that is very reminiscent of an FPS like Team Fortress 2, Impostors seems like the perfect way to scratch your multiplayer itch — at a bargain bin price.

Some of the gadgets that are on display in the trailer include objects like a hand-cranked grappling hook, an exploding jack-in-the-box, and a freeze ray — more or less exaggerations of items you might catch Batman or Joker using against each other. Whether or not there is some sort of balancing mechanic or feature implemented in Impostors to ensure certain gamers don’t end up with an unfair edge is unclear at this point, but the potential for entertainment is clearly there.

Here’s the trailer:


Unfortunately if you’re expecting Gotham City Impostors to tide you over until Arkham City‘s complete retail offering releases, you’re out of luck. The game is actually being marketed as it’s own standalone title, or perhaps is meant to build some anticipation for next year’s The Dark Knight Rises.

If Gotham City Impostors looks right up your alley make sure you stick tuned for more news on the downloadable game, including the upcoming beta,  as it is released.

What do you think of Gotham City Impostors‘ art style and gameplay? Do you think this title is worth a look?

Gotham City Impostors is scheduled to hit early 2012 on Xbox Live and PSN.

Source: YouTube