New 'Gotham City Impostors' Animated Trailers Set the Scene for Carnage

Gotham City Impostors Two Animated Trailers

Gotham City Impostors is a unique shooter to say the least. Giving gamers the chance to experience first person shooter combat whilst at the same time having gadgets at the ready isn’t something altogether new, but combined with DC’s Batman property it becomes a wholly different animal.

Just recently two new trailers have been released that help give gamers a better idea of the world developer Monolith has created. Much like Arkham Asylum and Arkham City were meant to be living breathing sources of constant interaction, Gotham City is developed to be a playground of destruction for Joker and Batman imitators.

While the trailers don’t feature any of that Gotham City Impostors’ unique gadget or weapon based gameplay, it does set the scene nicely. In this alternate reality to Rocksteady Studio’s version of Batman, Gotham City is overrun by impostors — average Joes who take on the persona of either Joker or Batman -- and fight each other.


In this downloadable title players will be able to create their own impostor and wage war online against an opposing force of impostors. It’s not nearly as involved as it seems in these animated trailers, but the combat does present some unique opportunities for customization.

For example, not only are players able to customize their Joker or Batman-inspired look, they can also select from a handy load-out of weapons and gadgets. Batman might not use guns to take down criminals, but that doesn’t mean his impostors can’t.


It was initially thought that Gotham City Impostors would be an offshoot release to coincide with Arkham City, but as that window has passed it looks like Gotham City Impostors is meant to be its own entity. Now this title will rise or fall based on gamers’ desire to create their own version of Batman or the Joker, something that DCUO offered, and ultimately failed to deliver.

What do you think of Gotham City Impostors thus far? Does the title present enough of a unique spin on the fps genre, and add enough Batman and Joker inspired fun, to make it worth checking out?

Gotham City Impostors releases January 10, 2012 on Xbox Live and the PSN.


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