When it comes to being a superhero, you generally have to go one of two ways about it – either get really lucky with the superpower lottery through whatever method gives it to you, or get really good at beating the crap out of people and put a suit on. That’s what makes the great superheroes as big as they are. Naturally, Batman is the prime example of the second option, as he had to travel all over the world and train for years to get as good as he is today. He just makes it look easy because he’s good at doing that.

Gotham City Impostors doesn’t feature anyone under either category. Instead of highly-trained experts or superpowered individuals, it features your average citizens running out at night and trying to kill one another. Granted, when the city you reside in is one as dark and crazy as Gotham City, that’s not all that surprising. What’s also not surprising is the end result from wannabe Batmans facing off against wannabe Jokers: sheer chaos.

The folks at Warner Bros. Interactive decided to entice potential buyers of Gotham City Impostors with a little animated trailer, giving players a general idea of what the game will entail. Have a look for yourselves.

If the goal was to set the mood for the game, this trailer definitely succeeded. The sheer insanity of the whole Gotham City Impostors situation is emphasized, while the trailer also hints at some degree of paranoia – that the man you’re trying to kill at night could be a coworker or a friend during the day and you wouldn’t even know it. But the bigger picture outlined is that you just shouldn’t take this too seriously, and just sit back and have fun.

And with the amountĀ character customization available in Gotham City Impostors, it’s clear that adding personalization is a focus forĀ Monolith – Though we still have a few months to wait until we can see if they follow through and deliver not only a fun parody of a game, but one where players can make their mark.

What do you think of the animated trailer?

Gotham City Impostors will be out winter 2012 for Xbox Live and PSN.