Google Stadia Release Date Teased at GDC 2019

Google Stadia announcement at GDC 2019

Google entered the video game arena in a big way today at GDC 2019, with the announcement of the Google Stadia gaming platform. Boasting 4k gaming at 60 FPS, cross-play compatibility, and first-party exclusive games, the Stadia seems poised to directly compete against the next generation of consoles from Microsoft and Sony. However, while it's still anyone's guess when the next PlayStation and Xbox will arrive, Google has revealed a release window for the Stadia, and it's sooner than one might expect.

The Google Stadia is slated for release in the US, UK, Canada, and "most of Europe" some time in 2019. Google says the Stadia will eventually be released worldwide but stopped short of giving an official release window. Given the fact that the Stadia is said to be more powerful than the Xbox One and PS4 combined, the 2019 release window may be a welcome surprise to gamers looking to experience Google's vision for the next generation of gaming.

Indeed, the Google Stadia's 10.7 teraflops of power eclipse both the Xbox One's 6.0 and PS4 Pro's 4.2, but it can be difficult to imagine how all that power translates into a better gaming experience. On top of crisper, more detailed visuals and improved performance, today's keynote revealed that the Google Stadia will be capable of hosting 1,000-player battle royale matches.

Despite being a potential competitor to traditional gaming platforms like Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, and PC, the Google Stadia innovates by letting players stream triple-A games at high resolution through just about any device of their choosing. That means the platform won't be tied to any one device at a given time, allowing players to switch seamlessly between displays. The Stadia can be played using its very own controller as well as most home console controllers currently available.

Google Stadia controller in white

As mentioned earlier, the Google Stadia will be home to a selection of first-party platform exclusives, although nothing further was revealed on that front. Alternatively, Google did confirm a small number of third-party games for the Stadia, including two triple-A releases and a mystery title from Q-Games.

Google Stadia is slated to release during 2019.

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