Google Stadia Pricing and Launch Details Leak

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Google Stadia, Google's premium cloud gaming service, is scheduled to be unveiled during a Google Connect livestream in just a few short hours. However, it looks like some of the event's major details, including pricing and release info, has leaked a bit earlier. Needless to say, Google Stadia is a bit more complicated than some may have been assuming, but now gamers can judge for themselves whether to look forward to Google's cloud gaming efforts.

According to Canadian outlet La Presse, Google Stadia will offer games in different ways. There will be a base subscription, said to cost $11.99 CAD, which will unlock access to a limited library of games akin to Sony's PlayStation Now. This subscription offers access at up to 4K resolution and 60fps. A 1080p service is said to be planned for release in 2020 and will be entirely free. The alternative to the subscription is to buy games whole cloth, which will be the only way to access many games including new titles.

Some games available at launch include Doom Eternal, Assassin's Creed Odyssey, The Division 2, Destiny 2, and the Tomb Raider trilogy. No information was leaked about Stadia's first-party exclusive games, which the company has previously teased. It seems likely that most of these games will be part of Google Stadia's premium purchase system rather than its subscription service. The base subscription will offer access to at least 31 games at launch.

As for release information, Google Stadia's said to launch this November. A specific date has yet to be announced. Potential users can leap straight into a subscription or buy new games at that point. Google will also be offering a launch bundle, a Google Stadia Founder's Edition, which will include a Chromecast Ultra dongle supporting 4K streaming, a Google Stadia controller, a 3-month subscription, and Destiny 2 for $169 CAD.

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While it's exciting to finally have an idea of what Google Stadia plans to offer when it launches this November, there's clearly a lot left to share. Whether or not the subscription service will prove worth picking up at launch will depend entirely on its 31-title launch line-up, which still needs to be unveiled. And pricing for full new games, whether they're full price or discounted, will be meaningful as well. Google will hopefully have answers for everyone during its Google Connect livestream starting at 9:00 am PT later today.

Source: La Presse

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